From Scratch to Success

Successful Women Conferences

August 24-28, 2022

August 27th at 11:00 am

Keynote Speaker

DR. Mya Smith Edmonds

McDonald’s Multiple Restaurant Owner, Real Estate Developer.

“Keys To WINNING In Business”

How to WIN in Business – No Matter What!!

During her presentation, you will learn how she has become a successful multi-unit McDonalds Restaurant owner, a millionaire entrepreneur, and has a foundation to help children. 
You don’t want to miss the opportunity to meet DR. Mya in person. 

Featured Speakers

Gail Birks

President | CEO CMA Enterprise Incorporated

You Can Really Have it All

Being a Successful Businesswoman doesn’t mean that you have to give up those things in life that you love and desire. This “kitchen chat” shares three steps to making sure that we can HAVE AND KEEP the characteristics of Being Successful WITHOUT Sacrificing much along the way.

August 26th 9:30 AM

Patricia Tanner

CEO| Broker-Owner Multhai International Realty

Investing in the U.S.A

We will discuss the opportunities of investing in Real Estate in the US as well as the outlook of the Real Estate market in the US. So be sure to bring all your questions!

August 26th 10:00 AM

Eva Dias

CEO & Founder Phoenix Human Capital Solutions

Leading Teams Post Pandemic - The New Normal

Walk participants through all the different changes in the process of leading hybrid/remote teams, the challenges, the benefits and sharing some tenets to help leaders to cope with the “new era”.

August 26th 10:30 AM

Milenia Nazaret

Owner MJ Globus LLC​

A road from Pitfalls to Success

My vision of the business after pandemic. New way to work with the buyers and the sellers.

August 26th 11:00 AM

Yaima Osorio

Founder | CEO Top Empowerment Inc.

Build a high-impact personal brand

Create a memorable personal brand! Learn the techniques to connect and create a social revolution through your personal brand on all social networks. Let your legacy inspire. This talk focuses on the image, communication and mentality of a high-impact leader.

August 26th 11:30 AM

Dr. Joy Vaughan

CEO Baroness Productions Inc.

Finding Your Resilience in the Midst of Our New Normal

This is a hands-on experiential and fun workshop where we will look at what it takes to bounce back and create a brand-new paradigm shift in any area of your life. Participants will emerge from this workshop with a pep in their step, a clear direction, and a fool-proof plan for their life. If this sounds like what you need, then I can’t wait to see you Cheers!

August 26th 12:00 PM

Vaneese Johnson

The Boldness Coach (TM)

Girl, Get Your Business Straight (TM)

In this results-oriented talk, women entrepreneurs will learn how to create radical breakthroughs in their businesses to create an unimagined impact in the world. Featuring innovative techniques for business growth, you will understand how to supercharge your revenue growth, build an unforgettable brand, and develop the strategic mindset to become a BOLD businesswoman.

August 26th 12:30 PM

Tia Tatem

Tax Advisor - Tatem's Tax & Financial Services

The Power to Manage you Business and Personal Finances!

In this presentation I will share my journey from working in a tax office to taking a leap of faith to owning my own successful tax and financial service business. I will share valuable insight and key points on the power to change your mindset and strive towards your dreams. in this presentation you will learn: 1. How to venture off the ground to become an entrepreneur. 2. How to decide the nest business structure. 3. How to create an efficient business plan. 4. How to understand and simplify the bookkeeping process. 5. What you will need to prepare a basic Tax Return, and so much more.

August 26th 2:00PM

Alison Vaughn

Founder | CEO Jackets for Jobs & Ms Goal Digger, LLC.

How to be a Stiletto in a room Full of Flats

Alison Vaughn is an International Speaker and an award winning author who focuses on professionalism, leadership and workforce development. She is the founder of Jackets for Jobs’ an award winning organization that has been honored as one of the Best & Brightest companies to work for®

August 26th 2:30 PM

Dr. Sherri Henderson

President Global Business Development Firm

Marketplace Ministry

Our ability as business women to utilize our gifts and talents to make a differnce in the world. My company’s core values of People, Purpose, Planet, and Profits has launched businesses and organizations across the globe.

August 26th 3:00 PM

Jeanette Sklivanou

Founder | CEO Safe n’ Beautiful PC

Nailed it!

How one woman turned a dream business into a huge success .Jeanette Sklivanou was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England on 31st October. She currently lives in Athens, Greece, with her Husband, Dimitris and her two children, Georgette and Valerie. As she is half British and half Greek.

August 26th 3:30PM

Temitope Emovon

Executive Director HelpGate Foundation

Substance Abuse Prevention Through Entrepreneurship Leadership and Learning

Drug Addiction and different kind of substance abuse has become a normal in our time . The damage it brings into our lives, homes, societies and nations is a global pandemic. Cost of rehabilitation is enormous and there is no guarantee of a lasting solution for drug victims and dependents. This is the very reason we talk and work assiduously on substance abuse prevention at early age and bring to the table articulated alternatives to the younger generation in and out of school for a productive, responsible and drug free life.

August 26th 4:30 PM

Dr. Virginia (DocV) LeBlanc

Founder | CEO Defining Paths

Think Without A Box: Building Success From Scratch

Most of us walk through life trying to find balance and managing our reality, instead of owning our greatness and defining our path. The box keeps us distracted: in it, outside of it, or hovering about it. Until we tune into our own channel and learn to love the skin we’re in, we cannot break free from the chains that bind us in thinking and being. “Think Without A Box: Building Success From Scratch” is all about being your own boss in mind-body-soul and business and living inspired from the inside out.

August 26th 5:00PM

Tonya McNeal-Weary, MBA, AMC

Founder IBS Global Consulting

Leveraging Global Networks To Grow Your Business

During this session, Tonya will share how she leveraged social media to build a global consulting company spanning four continents. Join this session and learn how to unlock the hidden power of your existing network for new business opportunities and business growth.

August 26th 5:30PM

Inès Pardo

Managing Director Altos Ejecutivos CPI International Colombia

Believe on miracles, I depend on them

Short stories about situations that had help me to continue going ahead despite obstacles, uncertainity, weakness.

August 27th 9:00 AM

María Alejandra Castaño

Vice President of People, Culture & Services

The Power of Being Me

My presentation tells the story about how I have reached success in business by bringing my entire soul to every context I have operated in throughout my leadership journey. It conveys how being me has enabled me to add value to the business by influencing and impacting the development of others around me.

August 27th 9:00 AM

María Paola Castaño

General Manager Alimentos Naranja Verde

How Dream Become Reality

In my presentation I will share how a dream which was born in one of the rooms at the University has become a reality. Something that was just ideas has become a company called Naranja Verde S.A.S. The company is well known among the dehydrated products sector in Colombia, and it aims to integrate the entire value, from the production cycle to processing, ending with the commercialization of innovative and healthy products with lots of applications.

August 27th 9:00 AM

Naseera Turkey

Owner Legacy Employee Benefits & Azzuri Capital Coaching

Financial Matters - Navigating through Change & Fear

Financial Matters – Navigating through Change & Fear
I am a Director at Legacy EB and Founder of Azzuri Capital Coaching, I am passionate about Financial Literacy and I work collaboratively with my clients to facilitate their objectives in growing their wealth to leave a legacy for tomorrow.

August 27th 10:00 AM

Monica Gomez

Founder | CEO Monica Go LLC

Give it a GO!

Woman in leadership and entrepreneurs that struggle with personal brokenness that are stuck but nobody knows. They still put on their makeup, workload and nice dress on as they find a way to heal voids that they have been having for years. It is time to recalibrate, reposicion for massive success! Give it a GO! Are you ready?

August 27th 10:30 AM

Daizy Gedeon

CEO GDR Media Dream Creation International

Leaders Of Change

As entrepreneurs we have the responsibility to build ethical havens of employment, but it is also our moral duty to use our power and influence to showcase injustice and bring change through our businesses, our platform and our voice.Daizy Gedeon is a multi-award-winning filmmaker, journalist and entrepreneur. She started her career as a journalist working with international news organizations including News Corp, The Times and Channel 4 News.

August 27th 12:00 PM

Syndia A. Nazario-Cardona

MS Associate VP of Government Affairs and Community Relations President's Office Ana G. Mendez University

The Power of Believing in your Purpose

August 27th 11:30 AM


President | CEO Family Lifestyle Solutions

Forging Forward- Get the “But’s” out of the way

Daveda Quinn is a retired Chemist, Clean Water Enthusiasts and Stem leader with thirty years of experience in the water and wastewater industry in the State of Michigan. Throughout her career, she has published articles, and was chosen as the Education Professional of the Year by Michigan Water Environmental Association in 2019.

August 27th  12:00 PM


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